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QDF-6 Anemometer

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Product Name: QDF-6 Anemometer
Product Type: QDF-6
Products Exhibitors: HRTECH
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QDF-6 Anemometer is a portable,digital display instrument that shows physical quantities directly.QDF-6 Anemometer is easy to use with the characteristics of compact structure,small volume and stable performance.It is widely used in heating,ventilation,air conditioning,environmental protection,meteorology,clean workshop,chemical fiber textile,various wind speed las and other occasions.

QDF-6 Anemometer  Details

 Main Features

  • The sensor is hot ball type
  • Rechargeable power supply
  • The rod is extensible to facilitate the measurement of ventilation pipes
  • Four digit display




 Measure range



 ≤3% (full scale)

 Respond time








 Power supply

 5-6V rechargeable battery


 Working environment



 Air pressure:9701040hPa


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