• JHC Multiple Meters Kit JHC
    JHC Multiple Meters Kit is mainly used to detect the ambient temperature,humidity, pressure difference, wind speed, noise and illumination in the clean room.JHC Multiple Meters Kit is full of functions, high precision,and is equipped with special aluminum alloy cipher box,which makes it convenient to carry and use.
  • HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter HS5633
    HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter is developed according to the new standard of national sound level meter.With the characteristics of large dynamic range,simple operation,easy to use,etc,HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter can not only used in measuring environmental,traffic noise,mechanical and electrical noise, but also used in architectural acoustics and electroacoustic measurement,etc.
  • QDF-6 Anemometer QDF-6
    QDF-6 Anemometer is a portable,digital display instrument that shows physical quantities directly.QDF-6 Anemometer is easy to use with the characteristics of compact structure,small volume and stable performance.It is widely used in heating,ventilation,air conditioning,environmental protection,meteorology,clean workshop,chemical fiber textile,various wind speed las and other occasions.
  • LX-101 Luxmeter LX-101
    LX-101 Luxmeter,which is also called a photometer or a brightness meter,is an instrument for measuring the intensity of light intensity. LX-101 Luxmeter can also measure the degree to which the object is illuminated.
  • JHC-3B Environment Monitoring Meter JHC-3B
    JHC-3B Environment Monitoring Meter is a handheld meter which shows the temperature,humidity and differential pressure between indoor and outdoor,clean roomand umclean room.JHC-3B Environment Monitoring Meter has the features of stable quality,high precision and clear digital display.It is widely used in production and scientific departments.

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