• WS-25 Air Velocity Transmitter
    WS-25 Air Velocity Transmitter is a high precision instrument with extremely sensitive responsiveness to air velocities. Even near 0m/s air velocity, it can still be accurately measured. WS-25 Air Velocity Transmitter has different installation methods for different application fields. The probe and cable length during installation can also be chosen by the users according to their needs.
  • ACH-II Air Capture Hood
    ACH-II Air Capture Hood is an instrument used to measure the air volume flowing through air-outlet,diffusers and grilles. ACH-II Air Capture Hood is easy to use and has high accuracy and reliability which ensures its results to be accuracy and be saved.
  • WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor WS-30R
    WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor is a sensor with the abilities of anti-dampness and anti-pollution.It can measure accuratly with low and medium wind speed.WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor has not only high accuracy and long-term stability,but also very good performance-price ratio.
  • WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer WS-40
    WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer is a portable,digital displayed instrument which measures wind speed as its basic function.It has the advantages of compact structure,small volume,stable performance,convenient operation and maintenance.WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer can be widely used in heating,ventilation,air conditioning,environmental pretection,clean workshop,various air velocity labs,etc.
  • WS-20 Air Velocity Transmitter WS-20
    WS-20 Air Velocity Transmitter offers 5% accuracy at a surprisingly low price.It has very sensitive responsivity for air velocities,even for the lowest air velocities(close to 0).WS-20 Air Velocity Transmitter in 24Vac/Vdc supplies and provides 0 ~5V.0~10V or 4 ~ 20mA Standard signal output.
  • ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood
    ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood is used to measure the air volume flowing through air-outlet, diffusers and grilles.ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood has reached the same level of the similar products internationally on accuracy and performance.

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