• Product Name:WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer

  • Product Number:WS-40
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer is a portable,digital displayed instrument which measures wind speed as its basic function.It has the advantages of compact structure,small volume,stable performance,convenient operation and maintenance.WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer can be widely used in heating,ventilation,air conditioning,environmental pretection,clean workshop,various air velocity labs,etc.
Detailed Introduction:

Main Features:

  • Using ultra-low power 32 bit microprocessor based on the latest semiconductor nanotechnology 
  • 2.6 inch IPS color screen,with the resolution of 320x240.
  • With the function of data storage (up to 16,000samples can be stored) , historical data can be viewed intuitively on the screen
  • stored data can be downloaded to a PC via USB line.  
  • Printing function: stored data can be chosen to print( printer can be selected)
  • The Zero-scale of wind speed can be calibrated 
  • English/Chinese operation menu, easy to use
  • Functions of  over-voltage protection, overcharge Protection, resistance of the static, electromagnetic interference,etc.




 Sensor Type

 Hot bulb

 Measurement range

 0~2m/s  or  0.~20m/s ( other ranges can be customized according ro customer needs, within 40m/s )



 Detection precision

 ≤3%(Full Scale)

 Responde time


 Overall size


 Operating environment

 Temperature:0~50℃;Humidity:<85%RH;  Atmosphere pressure: 970~1040hPa

 Power supply

 3.7V/2400mA  Li-battery




 USB Charger line、Data line、User manual、Calibration certificate 、Warranty.

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