• Product Name:Fume hood

  • Product Number:TFG
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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Standard size of Fume hood: 1200*800*2350,1500*800*2350,1800*800*2350
Detailed Introduction:

                           Fume hood


 Work table15mm thickness Wilsonart epoxy resin board

 Diversion kerb board: it adopts USA WILSONART imported 6mm thickness compact board, it has three layers (upper, middle, and down), it can exhaust different gases efficiently.

Backboardit adopts USA WILSONART imported 6mm thickness compact board.

Roofit adopts USA WILSONART imported 6mm thickness compact board. It can release the pressure for the to avoid explosion.

Window: adopt (3+3) double tempered glasses and film is sandwiched. Infinite variable speed counterpoise weight in the design, comfortable window movements to locate at any position

Exhaust hood1.2mm thickness exhaust hood with epoxy resin sprayed illumination: non-visual 30W Philips fluorescent lamp.

Socket: Taiwan WONPRO multi-function socket, the power line is 5-line-3-phase.

Control panel: Microcomputer controlling

Air flow adjusterSENLAN brand

Hardware accessories: the door hinge is Italy imported EO, and the handle is good quality stainless steel "C" type handle.

Waterproof and adjustable feet.

Complete cold-rolled steel. It adopts 1.2mm thickness high quality cold-rolled steel plate bending jointing molding. The surface is acid cleaning and phosphating, epoxy resin powder electrostatic high pressure sprays the surface. Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance.

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