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Gelbo Flex Tester System (with Particle Counter)

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Product Name: Gelbo Flex Tester System (with Particle Counter)
Product Type: GLF-1
Products Exhibitors: HRTECH
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Honri Airclean Technology Co.,Ltd has researched and developed the set of GLF-1 Gelbo Flex Tester System with the instruction of Jinan Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Medical Devices.GLF-1 is designed with particle counter(Honer brand)for measuring the linting of non-wovens in the dry state.This test can also be applied to other textile materials.

Gelbo Flex Tester System (with Particle Counter)  Details


                                             Patent number:201120469251.6

Main components:

  1. GLF-1 twisting device of dry floc generator(Twisted device,Twister Box and Air Collector only)
  2. CLJ-B330 Laser Particle Counter

 1. GLF-1



 Disc diameter




 Rotation angle

 180 degree/time (CIS,counter clockwise)

 Starting distance

 188 ±2 (between two disks)

 Dynamic disc stroke

  120 ± 2mm ( straight line )


 AC 220±10%  50HzV5%

 Maxium power dissipation





 8 particle-size channels:

 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, and 10.0(μm)

 Sample Period : 

 1 Sec~5999 Sec(5L-3000L)

 Self-clean Time :


 Operating Environment :

 Temperature 10~35℃,Relative Humidity ≤75%

 Light source :

 Laser diode (30,000 hours mean time between failure)

 Max permissible sampling  concentration:

 35,000 PCS/L

 Dimension (W×L×H):


 Power Rating :


 Weight :


 Power Supply :


 Data conversion:

 ft3 and m3

Accessory supplied free:

 Case, Operation manual, Factory inspection report, Filter, Power line, Isokinetic Probe, Tripod, Printer paper, Fuse



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