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HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter

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Product Name: HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter
Product Type: HS5633
Products Exhibitors: HRTECH
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HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter is developed according to the new standard of national sound level meter.With the characteristics of large dynamic range,simple operation,easy to use,etc,HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter can not only used in measuring environmental,traffic noise,mechanical and electrical noise, but also used in architectural acoustics and electroacoustic measurement,etc.

HS5633 Digital Sound Level Meter  Details

  Main Features:

  • Functions of battery voltage check
  • Three bit and half liquid crystal display
  • Meet the requirements of JJG188 regulatory IEC61672 standard level2
  • Measure the general sound level, maintain the maximum sound level and set the frequency range




 Measure range


 Frequency-weighted features

 A weighting






 160g( with battery)

 Power supply

 DC 7~9V, 1 laminated cell of 9V is used

 Sound levels

 Within 40~130dB

 Working environment

 Temperature: -10~50℃

 Humidity: 25~90%RH

 Air pressure: 65~108kPa



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