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OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester

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Product Name: OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester
Product Type: OZA-C10
Products Exhibitors: HRTECH
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OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester is made with imported electronic chemical sensor and micro controller technology.It is suitable for gas concentration detection in various industrial and special environments.OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester has the advantages of fast response speed,high measurement accuracy and good stability and repeatability, which makes it occupying the leading level in China.

OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester  Details

Main Features:

  • Using new semiconductor  nm process vultra-low-power 32 bit microprocessor
  • 2.6 inch IPS color screen, the resolution is 320x240
  • Switch freely between PPM and mg/m3
  • Data storage function(16000 groups of data can be stored), historical data can be viewed on the screen and downloaded by USB
  • Functions of measuring temperature and humidity.The temperature and humidity values of gas in the field or pipeline can be detected
  • Built-in strong air pump, can work in micro-negative pressure environment
  • Functions of over-voltage protection,over-charge protection, resistance of static,electromagnetic interference,etc.
  • All Chinese/English operation menu, simple and useful




 Measurement range


 Measurement range(T/H)

 Temperature:-40 ~ 120℃,Humidity:0-100%RH

 Detection accuracy


 Linearity error


 Response time


 Release time


 Zero draft


 Working environment

 Temperature:-30 ~ 60,humidity:95%,non-condensing

 Working pressure

 -30Kpa  200Kpa

 Power supply

 4000mA Lithium-ion rechargeable battery



 Net weight




 Detection modes

 Real time detection

 Standard Accessories

 Carrying case,use manual,Certificate,USB Charger,Data cable

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