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A friend's visit to Honri Technology Co.,Ltd

Suzhou Honri Airclean Technology Co.,Ltd has got remarkable achievements in the global market in these years, and has more than 10 professional instrument agents in Germany, Japan, South Korea,India,France,UAE and so on.In October 2017, we had the privilege of inviting Mr.Miyad Hydrose from Arabian Calibration Dev.Rep.Co.LLC (an agent in the United Arab Emirates)to make a three-day instrument training tour in our company.

Under the guidance of our foreign trade manager, Mr.Miyad Hydrose has trained in the maintenance and calibration of Airborne particle counter,Air capture hood, Biological Air Sampler and Work table.During the training, he is also amazed at our Airborne Particle Counter’s wifi direct export data function.And when visiting the workshop,a row of delicate and generous instruments caught Mr.Miyad Hydrose’s eyes,he kept asking our foreign trade manager:what are these? So beautiful, I like them.

Honri Airclean Technology Co.,Ltd believes that we can be stronger only if we are diligent and practical.With this belief, we have gone through 24 years,to now in the international market, we have became the “Globle Dust Particle counter major manufacturers”.We also need to thank all the new and old customers for the long-term support of Honrui Technology!

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