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Buying a Cleanroom System?

日期:2022-11-20 09:02

There is a four step process that will help cleanroom buyers with design criteria questions, mechanical equipment selection, and cleanroom testing to achieve your cleanroom design performance guarantee.

Step 1: Determine your specific cleanroom requirements for temperature, humidity, pressurization, and cleanliness.
Step 2: Develop a dimensioned layout drawing of the cleanroom area, paying specific attention to your product flow, personnel flow, process equipment layout, process utilities, electrical requirements, and maintenance access.
Step 3: Review your mechanical support services and determine your preference on providing conditioned air to your cleanroom.
Step 4: Finalize your user requirement specification (URS) to be presented to the cleanroom contractor.
This is a brief example of the initial information required to start the design for a cleanroom environment. There are additional design factors that need to be considered before entering into the detailed design phase. Your cleanroom contractor will ultimately need to review the constructability of your design criteria requirements to provide a performance guarantee.

Buying a Cleanroom System?

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