• Product Name:CLJ-BII(G) Two flow rate Airborne Particle Counter

  • Product Number:CLJ-BII(G)
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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CLJ-BII(G) Two flow rate Airborne Particle Counter is a professional metering instrument used to detect air cleanliness levels of the dust-free room. All Its functions are processed by microcomputer and the detected results can be printed out directly.CLJ-BII(G) Two flow rate Airborne Particle Counter can also detect the sterile purification effect of the environment quickly and accurately.
Detailed Introduction:

Main Features:

  • Two flow rate: 2.83L/min and 50ml/min;
  • Six particle-size channels (0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10μm)
  • Date and time display;
  • Federal Standard 209E Calculation;
  • Multiple print-modes;                                                      Patent No.: 201120469253.3
  • Data conversion (ft3 and m3);
  • Data storage

Main Application:

  • Monitor and verify cleanrooms
  • Test filters in place
  • Track down particle sources
  • Monitor food and beverage packaging,laminar Air Flow and biohazard benches,hospitals,medical device assembly,aerospace assembly,etc.




 Flow rate

 2.83L/min and 50ml/min




 Self-Clean Time


 Output mode

 Built-in Printer

 Sample period

 1min~10min (10 levels)

 Work environment

 Temperature: 10~35℃Relative Humidity :≤75%

 Power Supply

 Rechargeable battery, 220V±10%50Hz±2Hz

 6 Channels

 0.30.513510(μm) or 0.3,05,1.0,2.0,3.0,5.0(μm)


 Date and Time

 Counts Data

Total Counts, Counts/ft3 and Counts/m3

 Data Calculation

 Federal Standard 209E Calculation

 Light source and its life

 >30,000 h



 Power dissipation



 3.8 Kg



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