• Product Name:TH-40 Handheld Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

  • Product Number:TH-40
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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TH-40 Handheld Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter is developed to measure temperature and humidity in cleanroom,and it displays the measured results in digital form.The characteristics of reliable quality and clear digital display makes TH-40 Handheld Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter an ideal instrument for the pharmaceutical enterprise and quality supervision deparment to use.
Detailed Introduction:

Main Features:

  • 2.6 inch IPS color screen, the resolution is 320x240
  • Stored data can be downloaded to a PC via USB interface
  • English operation menu, simple and useful
  • Printing function: stored data can be chosen to print (printer selection)
  • Large data storage (16,000samples), historical data can be viewed intuitively on the screen
  • The temperature shows a choice of centigrade and fahrenheit
  • Using ultra low power 32 bit microprocessor based on the latest semiconductor Nanotechnology
  • Functions of over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, anti-static interference and anti-magnetic interference,etc.




Measure range

Temperature: -40~125℃, humidity: 0~100%RH

Resolution ratio

Temperature: ±0.1℃, humidity: 0.1%RH

Measure accuracy

Temperature: ±0.3℃, humidity: ±3%RH

Working environment

Temperature: 0~50℃, humidity: <85%RH

Power supply

    3.7 Li-battery

Net weight

0.34 Kg


85×55×180 (mm)


USB charge line, data line, user manual, calibration certificate, warranty card

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