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HR-FMS Clean Environment Monitoring System

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Product Name: HR-FMS Clean Environment Monitoring System
Product Type: HR-FMS
Products Exhibitors: HRTECH
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HR-FMS Clean Environment Monitoring System is mainly used for real-time monitoring environmental parameters in clean rooms and completing the functions of data storge and management.HR-FMS Clean Environment Monitoring System can realize real-time monitoring of cleanliness,temperature and humidity,pressure difference,wind speed and other parameters of clean room.

HR-FMS Clean Environment Monitoring System  Details

 Main features of HR-FMS Environment Monitoring System:

  •  The mode of Ethernet communication is reliable,low cost and easy to extend
  •  The system is managed by three levels:administrator,engineer and operator
  •  Customizing the display interface according to the point number of each customer
  •  Any combination of 2.83L/min and 28.3L/min
  •  Historical data and curve of any sensor,any time period can be checked out,and data can be printed directly
  •  Functions of scene alarm and SMS alarm,the user can set the level of overrun alarm arbitrarily and  forecast level of police

Main parts of the System                      

1.CLJ-R210/310 Particle Counter Sensor

2.FSC-R10 Microbial Air Sampler

3.WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor
4.DP-30R Differential Pressure Sensor
5.TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Sensor

1.Parameters of CLJ-R210/310 Particle Counter Sensor

  • Work environment : temperature:0~50℃,humidity:<85%RH
  • sampling flow : 2.83L/min or 28.3L/min
  • vacuum source :  built-in air pump/external air pump            
  • Light source :  laser diode
  • Power : 220V±10%50Hz±2Hz
  • Dimension : 120×65×132mm (W×L×H)
  • Weight : 0.8Kg/0.6Kg

2.Parameters of FSC-R10 Microbial Air Sampler

  • Sampling flow : 28.3L/min 50L/min 100L/min
  • Collection efficiency : ≥98%
  • Size of sampling head :  ɸ100×50mm
  • Material of sampling head : SS316L
  • Weight of sampling head : 1.6Kg
  • Work environment : temperature:0~50℃, humidity:<85%RH
  • Switch : RUN/STOP button to control

3.Parameters of WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor

  • Working range : temperature:   0-50℃, humidity<85%RH
  • Measuring range :  0-1m/s 1-20m/s
  • Power supply : DC 12-24V
  • Measuring accuracy : ±0.1 m/s
  • Weight : 0.23Kg
  • Respond time : <3s
  • Mode of communication: standard Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU protocol or 0-5V, 4-20mA analog output

4.Parameters of DP-30R DifferentialPressure Sensor

  • Measuring range: differential pressure : -5-125Pa
  • Dimension : 135×37×91(mm)
  • Power supply: DC 12~24V
  • Weight: 0.23Kg
  • Measuring accuracy : differential pressure: ±0.2Pa (linear error)

5.Parameters of TH-30R Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • Measuring range: temperature : -40℃~123℃, Humidity:0-100%RH
  • Test accuracy: temperature : ±0.3℃,humidity: ±3%RH
  • Power supply : DC 12-24V
  • Communication protocol : Modbus RTU
  • Dimension : 135×37×91(mm)
  • Weight : 0.23Kg
  • Resolution ratio: temperature : ±0.1, humidity: 0.1%RH



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