• Product Name:Handheld LCD Display

  • Product Number:CLJ-H603
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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CLJ-H603 Handheld Airborne Particle Counter 1.Reliable and easy-to-use machine; 2.Handheld, 3.Ergonomically designed and 4.Portable
Detailed Introduction:

The CLJ-H603 Handheld Airborne Particle Counter counts airborne particles in six different size ranges simultaneously. Count data is displayed on screen (320×240 pixels, high resolution) as total number of particles (cumulative count). Data can be easily downloaded to computer, or print out by an optional printer.Now it is easy to carry a particle counter right to the point of interest and obtain accurate results.


1.         0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) flow rate

2.         Six particle-size channels (0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0µm)

3.         320×240 pixels LCD display

4.         Rechargeable Li-ion battery

5.         Internal audible alarm

6.         95% UCL Calculation 

7.         Large memory for storing data(over 1500 samples)

8.         Data easily downloaded to computer

9.         Lightweight (0.6kg) Airborne particle counter




Monitor and verify cleanrooms

Test filters in place

Track down particle sources


Laminar Air Flow and biohazard benches

Cleanroom laundries

HVAC systems

Computer rooms

Food and beverage packaging

Hospitals: Pharmacy and surgery

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Aerospace Assembly

Medical Device Assembly

Automotive: Paint spray booths

Filter performance  
airborne particle counter

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