• Product Name:OZA-T13 Ozone Analyzer

  • Product Number:OZA-T13
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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Ozone Analyzer 1.Ozone measuring range:0-800ppm 2.LED display 3.4-20mA Output 4.Sampling time:12 s 5.Built-in printer
Detailed Introduction:
OZA-T13  Ozone analyzer
The OZA-T13   Ozone Concentration Tester is used to measure ozone concentration in the air.Ultraviolet spectrophotometry is used to detect the ozone concentration from 0.01ppm to 800ppm. It can monitor the change of ozone concentration in the ambient air in real time,demermine the accuracy of concentration used in the automatic calibration of the instrument and avoid zero drift.The advanced microprocessor control technology and the long life pulse mode light source and be adopted. Ozone absorbs ultraviolet ray,according to Lamber-Lambert law,design ozone concentration. OZA-T13 has the advantages of long service life,high precision,good data stability,easy operation,simple and friendly interface.the instrument has built-in printer,large capacity data storage USB interface,easy data management and analysis,and is equipped with filters to ensure measurement accuracy.
1.      Ozone measuring range:0-800ppm
2.      LED display
3.      4-20mA Output
4.      A large-capacity data memory
5.      Sampling time:12 s
6.      Built-in printer
7.      USB communication interface and 4-20mA andlog output
1.      Measure Ozone concentration in air environment
2.      Measure ozone concentration in sterilization environment
3.      Measure residual ozone concentration in sterilization environment
4.      Evaluate ozonation capability for Analytical Instrumentation
5.      Measure Ozone concentration for Ozone sterilization cabinet
6.      concentration detection
7.      Ozone source detection medical apparatus and instruments
8.      Scientific experiments of ozone
9.      Working Surroundings Monitoring

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