• Product Name:JHC-3T Temperature and Humidity Meter

  • Product Number:JHC-3T
  • Vendor:HRTECH
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JHC-3T Temperature and Humidity Meter is developed to make the measurement of temperature and humidity in cleanrooms much easier and it displays indoor temperature and humidity in digital form.JHC-3T Temperature and Humidity Meter has the advantages of stable quality,high precision,clear number display and accuracy test results,which makes it the ideal intrument for many departments to use.
Detailed Introduction:

Main Features:

  •  LCD Display: temperature and humidity are displayed at the same time
  •  Time display
  •  Functions of data storage function: 1000 pieces of data can be stored.
  • Stored data can be viewed.
  • Print function: stored data can be chosen to print out(printer optional)
  • Stored data can be deleted item by item
  • Temperature shows a choice of Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • With power adapter, battry power display




Measure range

Temperature: -40~123℃, humidity: 0~100%RH


Temperature: ±0.1℃, humidity: 0.1%RH

Measure accuracy

Temperature: ±0.3℃, humidity: ±2%RH

Working environment

Temperature: 0~50℃, humidity: <85%RH

Power supply

    7.4 Li-battery

Net weight

0.34 Kg


92×32×270 (mm)

Display function

Temperature and humidity display simultaneously


USB charge line, data line, user manual, calibration certificate,   warranty card


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