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Six-stage Microbial Air Samplers

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Product Name: Six-stage Microbial Air Samplers
Product Type: FSC-A6
Products Exhibitors: HRTECH
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FSC-A6 Six-stage Microbial Air Samplers have been widely used for enumerating the viable particles in a microbial aerosol.

Six-stage Microbial Air Samplers  Details

Description of Six-stage Microbial Air Samplers:

Honri Airclean Model FSC-A6 Six Stage Microbial Air Samplers are multi-orifice, cascade impactors used to measure the concentration and particle size distribution of aerobic bacteria and fungi in the intramural or ambient air. These units have been widely used for enumerating the viable particles in a microbial aerosol. Viable particles can be collected on a variety of bacteriological agar and incubated in situ for counting or identification. These samplers are designed so that all particles collected, regardless of physical size, shape, or density are sized aerodynamically and can be directly related to human lung deposition.

The multi-orifice cascade impactor size selective feature permits assessment of an airborne contaminant in relation to its disease potential arising from its deposition site within the respiratory tract.

The Honri Airclean FSC-A6 Six Stage Microbial Air Sampler requires 12 glass Petri dishes and a general purpose, solid bacteriological agar medium (not included), which is placed in six of the glass Petri dishes. The collection plate with Petri dishes are inserted on each stage of the sampling instrument and a sample of air is drawn. The Petri dishes are then removed, inverted in their covers, incubated and counted by an accepted method.

Range of particle sizes collected by each stage (in microns)

Stage 1

7.0 and above

Stage 2

4.7 to 7.0

Stage 3

3.3 to 4.7

Stage 4

2.1 to 3.3

Stage 5

1.1 to 2.1

Stage 6

0.65 to 1.1



·     Indoor Air Quality Studies Food Processing Areas

·     Medical treatment and office environments

·     Sterile manufacturing

·     Filter and Clean Room Efficiency Studies

·     Pharmaceutical Production

·     Hospital Environments

·     Brewery Fermentation

·     Animal Care Laboratories

·     Sewage Treatment Plants

·     Cosmetic Manufacturing

·     Grain Processing and Transportation

·     Size separates viable particles for collection and assay of aerobic species of bacteria and fungi

·     Meets ACGIH recommendations for bioaerosol sampling.

·     Corrosion resistant, easily sterilizable

·     Completely portable, weighs less than 20-lbs. (9 Kg)

·     Verifiable flow rate

·     Economical, fast, easy to use


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