• A friend's visit to Honri Technology Co.,Ltd Suzhou Honri Airclean Technology Co.,Ltd has got remarkable achievements in the global market in these years, and has more than 10 professional instrument agents in Germany, Japan, South Korea,India,
    2018-01-24 13:21 841 次
  • The company won the bid The company won the bid of Shanghai measuring and testing institute of technology bidding project” Air filtration equipment testing analysis system”The system is to be the World-class high
    2012-05-29 10:36 10017 次
  • The company won the bidding in Guizhou Province The company won the bidding in Guizhou ProvinceCongratulations that the company won thebidding (No: GZWH-2009-67 - 2009 equipment purchases oftechnologyinstitutions) in Guizhou Province. The successfu
    2012-05-29 10:36 10716 次
  • The company won the bid tender of procurement center The company won the bid tender of procurement center in Lianyungang CityThe company won the bid of procurement centerofLianyungangMunicipal Government Tender, No.20091120002:professionalmeasuring inst
    2011-11-01 14:43 10527 次
  • DS-2108 M dust instrument DS-2108 M dust instrumentDS-2108 M dust instrument is a machine which is used to direct testing environment pollution levels in the atmosphere (The quality of the fine particulate concentrations).The
    2011-10-13 09:22 6885 次
  • Buying a Cleanroom System? There is a four step process that will help cleanroom buyers with design criteria questions, mechanical equipment selection, and cleanroom testing to achieve your cleanroom design performance guarante
    2011-09-05 09:32 8216 次
  • Congratulations Congratulations the completionofMulti-lineairborneparticlecounterinstalledShandong Lukangchenxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. place an orderforourproduction:CLJ-R203 Multi-line dust particle counter. OnMa
    2010-05-22 11:04 7596 次

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